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Smiling Student

A Happier, Healthier You


My adolescent psychotherapy practice is focused on supporting teens, ages 12-18, as they face the ever so changing demands, risks, pressure, acceptance, and questions encountered throughout this essential period.

For some parents it can be a trying time to see their child transition into a teen. Many parents say “This change happened overnight”. Without any warning, you are left trying to find a way to connect with your teen. This process can be overwhelming to say the least. It is not uncommon to view this phase as a ‘trying on’ period, in which the search for identity begins. Constant change is an understatement, and for these reasons my work with adolescence parallels a style of fluidity and flexibility which is profoundly different than the work I do with children and adults. 

The goal of therapy is to provide a safe-space in which your teen can talk about the important changes and decisions they face daily.  Teens will receive emotional support, learn conflict resolution skills, identify and understand their feelings, and alleviate feelings of despair so that they may live a psychologically happy and healthy life. 

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