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Couple on a Beach

Because your relationship matters


Remember when you were beaming with excitement about your relationship?  What about your contagious smile, good mood, and "This is the one" factor?  What happened to the unexpected gifts, or acts of kindness that seemed to be the description of your relationship?  If you feel estranged from your significant other, or on opposite sides of the battlefield chances are something went wrong.  Many times couples, unknowingly, become complacent, or stop investing the same amount of time and attention on aspects that carry a lot of weight for the other person.  The couples dynamics can quickly shift, and leave them questioning what went wrong. 

Did you know couple's marrying for the first time have approximately a 50 percent chance of divorcing? Alarming right? Many other couples remain unhappily married.  Neither situation is ideal, however being unhappily married seems to have more negative consequences such as 1) A decrease in mental and physical health 2) An increase risk for relationship aggression. 

By no means am I implying that every married couple falls in one of these two categories.  There are numerous married and unmarried couples that have stumbled upon a crossroad at some point in their relationship and simply need support and guidance.

Some common presenting issues seen are: Distancing, communication difficulties, drive, personality changes, inability to solve problems together, infidelity, and addictions. 

In couples therapy, you will learn and understand the dynamics of your relationship. Some other tools that will be presented to the couple will include conflict resolution and communication skills. 

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