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Mom and a Child

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Because Infants and very young children exist in a relational context the parent-child relationship is the target of the therapeutic intervention. Usually, this form of therapy is reserved for the mother/father and the child (0-5) years of age.  The parent might feel disconnected from their child or viseversa. There are many factors that can contribute to the dyadic disturbance and early childhood behaviors, but for now all you know and feel is a possible disconnect from yourself or your child, guilt and feelings of desperation.

You and your child can expect to engage in therapeutic play interactions which offers an opportunity for the parent and child to engage in mutually enjoyable, conflict-free interaction. These interactions are promoting positive communication, which will assist in expanding the dyads strengths.

I cannot emphasize how important this time period is, and how important the first few years of life are in terms of attachment and relationships. Therefore, if you find yourself struggling to give your child your undivided attention for 1-hour, these sessions could be the MOST rewarding time you spend with your child.  As a result you may witness a decrease in negative, acting out behaviors, a strengthening bond between the both of you as well.

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