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With You From Beginning To End of Your Growth

Common reasons patients have chosen to work with me include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and unable to manage life roles and transitions - Everything feels intense-

  • Unexplained and recurrent physical symptoms 

  • Receiving bad feedback at work, home or school (despite level of effort)

  • Feeling disconnected from things and people they loved

  • Relationship and communication difficulties

  • Being misunderstood constantly and having to apologize for being themselves

  • Stress about employment and future decisions

  • Managing the termination of a relationship

  • Wanting to learn and understand more about themselves

  • Wanting to understand how previous relationships impact(ed) their parenting and their current relationships

  • Having a sincere interest in wanting to learn new ways to communicate, relate and understand their children

  • Wanting to understand the importance of play, but most importantly, wanting to learn how to connect with their children

Services: Services

Become the best version of yourself with one of a kind professional and confidential psychological and testing services.

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