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Your Daily Options & Mindfulness

Which One Of These Describes YOU?

After a few hours of some restful sleep, and hard dreaming, your morning alarm goes off. You roll over and snooze. You wish for ten more minutes before dragging your legs out of bed and wonder, “Let’s see how this day unfolds.” As you roll out of bed your bones crack, your knees are weak and you kinda feel like WD40 would be a definite answer for all your noisy bones. You walk over to the kitchen begin pouring a cup of coffee, and before you know it - your cell phone is ringing (which you left in the bedroom). Your immediate thought is “ Why is anyone disturbing me while I am just trying to drink my AM coffee”, “Who is calling so early?”, “What issues or problems am I gonna hear about now?”

Before both of your eyes actually open at the same time, you have already felt discomfort, annoyance, anxiety, and have come up with terrible terrible negative assumptions.

Now check out this scenario

After a few hours of some restful sleep, and hard dreaming your alarm goes off. You roll over and snooze for ten minutes. Although you might wish for another hour of sleep, you take those ten minutes to stretch in bed, you feel the crisp sheets that wrap your body from the snow storm you have going on in your home (AC set in the 60’s), wiggle your toes and your fingers, listen to the sound of the AC as air filters through the vent. Then once your ten minutes are up, you place your feet on the ground. Although your bones and knees are sounding like real life rice krispies you still walk to the kitchen and pour yourself a cup of coffee. You might look out the window and say, “What a nice day.” The cell phone rings, instead of rushing to go answer, or guessing who is calling and assuming the reason for the call (i.e., “It's probably my boss”, “Someone’s in trouble”,”What deadline did I miss,” “Who is trying to collect money now, etc”) you actually just smile and sing along to your ringtone giving it your best karaoke version of yourself EVER. You understand that you come first, and God forbid anyone get in the way of you and your cup of joe. The realization that you come first, that if you don’t put YOU first no one else will is a beautiful thing.

You have two options… Live life like the first scenario or like the second. Although many people would prefer the second scenario, you will be surprised to know many people have a first scenario kinda morning despite the will to want the second scenario instead.

Guess what? I’m here to give you some tricks to get your morning routine off to a great, peaceful, grounded and mindful experience that will positively carry over to the rest of your day.

Being mindful can be just as simple as being aware and present in the moment. Being aware of every little thing that might be overlooked, but makes us more connected to the world, our dreams and ourselves when focused on. By deliberately being present we focus on facts, ‘the cold floor’, ‘the smell of clean laundry’, the sticker on the coffee bag used to seal it shut’, ‘the rich aroma of the bold and textured flavored dark roasted Peets Coffee blend.’ Did you just feel like reaching out for a cup of coffee!!!?

This is a simple technique to help you pause, take a deep breath and enjoy some quality time by yourself and for yourself (although you can totally practice this in the presence of others).

Did you KNOW mindfulness is recommended by the Department of Health? The Benefits are many, but here are some pretty cool facts:

* Mindfulness will assist you in feeling calm and relaxed frequently

*Improves self-confidence and acceptance

* Increases energy levels

* It can assist at improving or managing stress, symptoms of depression, anxiety etc.

* Provides an increased ability to calm down and be empathic

* Mindfulness has even assisted individuals dealing with numerous medical issues and diseases

For additional information or to schedule a session, contact my office at (305) 764-2333

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