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  • Dr. Cecilia Marin


So, you’ve been thinking about starting therapy, but you don’t know why. You have not the slightest clue about what to say or do. You just know you will benefit from therapy because your parents, wife/husband or friends have recommended you to go.

During your last ‘hang out’ at the bar, your friend told you to go see her therapist, “You will love it, trust me.” I mean, what else do you need other than your friends approval and gold seal recommendation?

Well... turns out, there’s a few things…

It’s not uncommon to have your own set of expectations while beginning your therapeutic process. For example, you might want to feel better about yourself, be confident when making decisions, develop self-awareness, or perhaps you may want to stop the habit of ruminating over small things that linger and become larger in your mind causing unwanted thoughts and feelings etc

Here’s the most important part!

Do some self-searching and articulate (to yourself or on paper) “ What is it that I want to change?” “Where do I expect to be 1 year from today?” “If I could change anything (changeable) about myself or situations what would that look like?” “How do I want to feel?” “What are some things that might get in the way?”

Many first timers are unaware of what really happens in the room with a therapist, which is perfectly normal. Hollywood has given therapy an artificial facade, a facade that might intimidate or may not meet someone’s expectations when deciding on going through with therapy.

This is what and how therapy and therapists are supposed to be (keep reading).

Therapist, like myself, are supposed to be guides for you. We help guide you where you want to go. We don’t solve your problems, we help you solve the issue(s), thereby making you feel empowered and confident to listen to yourself. We don’t judge you or your situation, we remain objective throughout your treatment.

We expect that you are invested in your journey and give it your all. Being semi-invested in therapy will not produce the results you want to see. Part of the investment is the financial investment. Therapy is not cheap, but it is the BEST investment you can make. There’s so many things that we are quick to swipe our credit cards on, but if you think about it, those objects offer temporary satisfaction. That’s our drive for immediate gratification, something that gets in the way of Long-term goals (long term gratification). It doesn’t really fill the internal void or discomfort you feel and continue to arrive at time and time again.

The relationship established with your therapist is the most important tool you will acquire for your everyday problems. You will develop an authentic relationship with someone that will walk you through uncomfortable life changing moments. Because of this, you will then be able to see things differently and experience moments, relationships, family, jobs, academics, and professional experiences in healthier ways. Lastly, therapy isn’t a spa treatment. You are supposed to feel uncomfortable. Why? Well, because change is terrifying. Change is uncomfortable but just as Freud said: “-Out of your vulnerabilities comes your strength.”

So are you ready to treat yourself the way you deserve? Call us today and schedule your free 10 min consultation and see if we are a good fit for you! (305) 764-2333

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